Whole 30, pt. 1

Owwww Lawdy, here we go.  I have decided its time to complete a Whole 30.

I started one almost exactly two years ago after my 1st daughter turned one and I just couldn’t get those last 5lbs off.  Then, after deciding to do the program, I found out those last 5lbs were sticking because I was pregnant (No wonder my bloating was soooo bad).  Sadly, 2 weeks later I had a pretty terrible miscarriage (more on that here).  Once I recovered from the miscarriage I had no cares to go back to the program- I needed comfort food.  And, honestly, the miscarriage itself dropped me more than the 5lbs I wanted to drop in the first place.

Now, almost 1 year after having Laurel I am having the hardest time again with those last 5lbs… and no, I am not pregnant, I just chalk it up to being older.  Before Laurel I had committed to eating mostly Paleo (I didn’t want to be so strict that I couldnt be flexible) but after pregnancy my sugar cravings have been through the roof.  I gave in a little at a time until the sugar now controls me.  Don’t even tell me that sugar is not a drug.  It totally is.  Come see me around 3pm and tell me I am not withdrawing.  I dare you.

So- Whole 30.  What is it?

Its a clean eating program designed to reset your body.  Its purpose is to rid your body of unhealthy food cravings, heal your gut, give you more energy, help you reach out of your comfort food zone into new yummy foods, and help restore balance to your immune system.  Sounds like a reset everyone should want, right? Except its hard.  Not like I’m giving birth naturally or living in ISIS controlled territory hard, BUT its definitely not an easy task.  Staying on this diet requires a lot of self control.

My first step- really evaluate why I want to do it.  If I don’t do this, then I won’t make it one week.  And if its all about weight loss I won’t stick with it… I mean, I hate those 5lbs, but I don’t hate them enough to say no to pizza after a few days of being without cheese.

Here is my list:

  • I want to be rid of my sugar cravings.  I don’t like that I lose self control around dessert.
  • I want to have energy all day and not hit an afternoon snag.  I get SO tired around 2-3pm, right around the time my 3 year old wakes up for the day.  Its like all the sudden she gets a burst of energy.
  • I want to sleep well.  Its my chance before we start talking #3.  Gotta get in some good zzzzzzzzs.
  • I want to get back on track with right, clean eating- and find new recipes in that category.
  • Ok, ok, ok.  I can admit 5lbs are killing me and a big part of the motivation… BUT its part of the reason I start, probably not part of the reason I finish.

So- Whole 30. After thinking through the whys I needed to make a game plan.

I am a planner.  I don’t know how you complete this month without a plan.  So- I take to pinterest, make a list of foods I can eat during the day during different situations (packing lunch, eating out, snacking).  Then, after shopping I do as much prep work on the front end as possible.  I also look for recipes I can double in portion so that I can freeze and reuse it on nights when I don’t have a lot of time to cook and clean.

While putting away groceries I also made sure to clean out any extra candy laying around.  I don’t need any tempting.

Meals for week 1:

Breakfast- Eggs, Fruit, Nuts

Lunch- Apples with Almond Butter, lettuce wrapped Sandwich Meat, Salads

Snacks- Lara Bars

Drinks- Kombucha (GT variety with added fruit juice only), Watered down apple juice when I need a pick me up, black coffee, water


  1. Homemade Spaghetti Sauce with Ground Turkey and Zoodles (Squash made into noodles)- double portion
  2. Broiled Salmon (with olive oil and lemon) with Zucchini
  3. Pulled Pork stuffed Sweet Potatoes
  4. Sweet Potato Sliders


HELP ME: Anyone have any great recipes and/or suggestions? I am writing this only on day 2 (whoo hoo I am 1/15th of the way through this thing!) and am already trying to think ahead for next week.  I am going to the lake with my family this weekend, so that should be fun getting to watch them eat delicious stuff while I eat all-naturale.  BUTTTTT, its worth it right?

DISCLAIMER: I have decided to allow myself red wine when I want it.  I usually drink it a few nights a week, and since I have been pregnant and nursing FOREVER and will hopefully again soon (no, we are not trying… yes, we are preventing) I decided if I am going to eat this way I will not deny myself wine.  I have such a short time to enjoy it.  I am all about making things work for you… and so, this is my addendum to the program.  Maybe it will ruin the whole thing, or maybe, just maybe it will get me through.  Wine is just fermented grapes. C’mon.



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